By providing content that your audience actually wants, you can build a following that can lead to converted sales. 

Email List

An email list is the only way to effectively reach your audience when you have something to say. We can shout on social media all day but we will never control how the algorithms work or who will actually see our content.

Email lists deliver a more personable message straight to the inbox of someone who has subscribed to you. It's a mutual relationship that can flourish with the right strategy and content marketing. 


Blogging is a great way to get exposure to new potential customers and followers. The more written content that you have out on the internet leading back to your business, the more likely someone will find you. Having a collection of blogs that are relevant to your business, especially when using strategic keywords and SEO, will result in being seen in more searches online. 

Blogs also build trust in people when they can see that you are an expert in your industry. Potential customers will also spend more time on your website when they can do their research within the site, building confidence in their decision to purchase or participate. 

Branding Consistency 

Your business should have a consistent and professional aesthetic across all platforms, from your business card to your Facebook page, your website, blog and newsletter. This helps to build brand recognition and trust in your potential customers. 

Your audience is online, and you should be too!
Creating an online store can seem daunting, but Shopify has made it super simple to maintain and grow your business with their easy to use commerce platform.

Why Shopify?

The Shopify Platform has it all; multiple online sales channels, payment, secure checkouts, shipping, award-winning customer service and a fully customizable storefront.

Together we create a strategy, and then I build your online storefront based on your specific needs and inspired by your brand.

Once your store is set up, I teach you how to operate and maintain your ecommerce store, including product management and adjusting shipping/taxes.

Try Shopify for yourself!
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Have something to say to your followers?

Say it with style

Catch their eye and pique their interest with fun gifs or graphic designs for your sale or promotion. 



Every business has different needs. My packages are made affordable for new and growing small business, and we offer added value with training and support once your store is complete.

I will empower you to be able to confidently run your online store.